Chapter 7: Meet the Parents (1)

In Questasis, the Cyance Republic was Lan’s frontier of science and technology—a steampunk-esque democracy founded on the continent of Lan, located in the barren lands north of Hiddel.

Players who chose classes like [Sharpshooter], [Botanist] or [Cyborg] would begin the game in The Capitol of the Cyance Republic.

According to the lore of Questasis, the Cyance Republic was the pride of the continent—and of humanity. Unlike the bloodkin, elven and fey, humans possessed zero magic capabilities. Yet, during the War Over Lan, they were able to defeat the bloodkin army who sought to take over the continent with the power of science and technology alone.

However, the inhabitants of Lan didn’t always admire the Republic. When the first humans sought refuge on Lan and formed the nation of Hiddel, they lived by the principles of ‘let everyone do as they please’ and ‘the strong will rule’.

A few of the pioneers disagreed with this constitution and were cast out of Hiddel to fend for themselves. These were the founders of the Cyance Republic that now, every citizen of Hiddel looked up to and wanted their children to be attend a school there.

Cory had played as a sharpshooter and a cyborg before, but he couldn’t remember any prominent or important character with the surname ‘Yan’.

So when Admiral Gladstone asked him if he was from the Cyance Republic after hearing that his surname was ‘Yan’, the transmigrated NEET was stupefied.

After coming to his senses, his first instinct was to respond, ‘No. I’m from Singapore.’

But there’s no country called Singapore here!

Cory’s lack of response caused the Admiral to furrow his thick fiery brows and narrow his purple eyes. ‘Kid, did this pirate trick you into becoming her boyfriend?’


He instinctively looked to Captain Regi for help but the burly Admiral blocked his way.

‘You tell me the truth. Don’t worry about her threats, the Hiddel Navy will protect you.’

If Cory had never played the MMORPG, Questasis, and didn’t know that the Hiddel Navy was ultimately unable to surpress the pirates, he might have believed Admiral Gladstone.

But he had played through the Hiddel story line before.

He knew that it would be foolish to get on Captain Regi’s bad side—even if the female pirate didn’t quite match her in-game character profile.

What would he do if this unpredictable pirate escaped the clutches of the Admiral on her own and wanted to settle scores with him?

It was for the best that he cooperate with her right now.

Also, this was his ex-waifu in the flesh!

This was his chance to save her from certain death! (← A certain NEET’s fanciful thinking.)

So Cory tried his best to look valiant and manly as he replied, ‘I’m the one who wanted her to be my girlfriend.’

Admiral Gladstone: ‘…’

He stared at the skinny teenager in front of him, at a loss.

‘Are you even old enough to, uh… have a girlfriend?’

Cory: ‘…’

The 21 year-old NEET had once again forgotten he now inhabited a shota’s body.

‘I…I might look like this but I’m already…16!’ he declared feebly. There was no way his current appearance would pass off as a 21 year-old. He was scrawny-looking and short, as if he hadn’t reached puberty yet or didn’t eat enough during that time.

In fact, 16 was pushing it, but that was the legal age for marriage in the US. Surely the marriage age in a fantasy world like this would be lower than that, right?

The equally ignorant Admiral who hastily arranged a marriage between his adult daughter and a 14 year-old country earl in order to tie her down…didn’t think there was anything wrong either.

He narrowed his eyes and asked again, ‘She’s dating you with the intention of marriage?’

‘Yes, yes! That’s right.’ Cory nodded rapidly.

Finally, the furrows on Admiral Gladstone’s brow relaxed and his intimidating gaze shifted away.

‘Search their ship and retrieve all the spirit stones they stole We’ll leave them here overnight to reflect on themselves.’

A few officers saluted in unison and left to carry out the order.

The Admiral turned back to Cory with a friendly smile. ‘It’s getting late. Let’s get you settled down somewhere more comfortable.’

And he led Cory out of the dark, dim holding prison.

Captain Regi called out from the stone chair, ’Where are you taking my boyfriend?’

‘To our manor.’

‘What about me?’

‘You’re a pirate, so stay here and reflect on yourself.’


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