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A NEET dies in a car accident and transmigrates into the fantasy world of an MMORPG he used to play—but as a stowaway on an iconic pirate ship captained by a popular female NPC character.

Except, she and her crew are getting chased across the sea by an elite naval force.

The pirates lose the battle and a burly admiral confronts the defeated pirate captain with a yell, ‘That’s enough fooling around, young lady! It’s time for you to go home and marry the earl!’

‘No can do,’ the female captain replies flippantly. ‘I already have a boyfriend.’

‘Oh really?’ The admiral glances over the crowd of dirty, scruffy pirates. ‘Where is he, then?’

‘Right here.’ She points to the unfortunate transmigrated stowaway standing with the rest of the captured crew.

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Tags: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Transmigration


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