Chapter 6: Already Have a Boyfriend, Sorry!

‘Go home and marry the earl already!’

The admiral’s words didn’t seem to make sense at all.

Cory felt the need to replay this cutscene, only it wasn’t a cutscene and it couldn’t be replayed.

He glanced at Captain Regi’s reaction to her father’s command.

The female captain looked bored, as if she was disappointed that her father had no other argument to make.

‘Oh dear, what a pity! I already have a boyfriend, tell him I said sorry.’

Cory thought his eyes were going to fall out of their sockets. Did he just discover a hidden plot?

When did Captain Regi get a boyfriend?!

Her official profile in Questasis states that she’s single. Cory remembered this clearly because Captain Regi was his waifu before the game officially released, so he looked up this piece of very important information.

He turned to the pirates to see if they were just as surprised as he was.

They weren’t.

Even Lightning didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with what his captain said. He simply folded his arms and watched the show with anticipation.

‘Oh, really?’ Admiral Gladstone replied sarcastically. His dark eyes scanned over the team of ragged pirates that made up her crew without even giving the little stowaway a glance. ‘And which one of these ruffians is him? Introduce me.’

He beckoned to Asana, who was standing behind the stone chair.

The officer unlocked one of Captain Regi’s wrist cuffs so she could point the person out.

The pirate captain rotated her sore wrist ruefully. ‘I’d ask you to guess but you’ll never get it right.’ She let out an exaggerated sigh.

And pointed at Cory.



‘En. That’s my boyfriend.’

Cory stared at the slender fingernail pointed his way.

He stepped towards Big Beard so it’d be more obvious that she was pointing at Lightning.

The fingernail followed him.

Along with the burning gaze of the looming Admiral.

Cory felt his knees go weak from fear.

Why was his ex-waifu doing this to him? Was she resentful that he changed his profile picture to a different character after the controversy about her lack of character development broke out?

That wasn’t his fault!

It was the game company who used her avatar to market Questasis without giving her character a proper backstory and quests! After that, it was the netizens who made a fuss about video games sexualising female characters!

If he didn’t switch his profile picture to his favourite weapon, his account would have been reported by those crazy commenters for inappropriate behaviour!

And after that, they released more interesting, nuanced female characters so he forgot about her…

Was this retribution?

‘Him?’ The Admiral turned to his daughter. ‘Do you think I’m a fool, Regina? He’s just a kid!’

Your dad’s right, Cory nodded vigorously inside.

His current body was indeed that of an underaged minor. Getting Lightning to play the role of her boyfriend would have a higher chance of succeeding.

The man was tall and handsome, responsible and reliable…

Captain Regi laughed lightly and leaned back in the stone chair, putting both hands behind her head. ‘Think what you like. We’re dating with the intention of marriage, so I can’t go back with you.’

Behind her, Asana’s eyes bulged and he began rumaging his belt for a key that was no longer there.

Admiral Gladstone curled his lip and waved his hand again. ‘Alright then, bring the boyfriend here. Let me have a word with him.’

The door opened and Cory was released from his bonds.

He never thought it’d come to this, but he wanted to be tied up with the rest of the pirates again!

Alas, the uniformed guards plucked him out of the cell and threw him in front of the Admiral.

‘What’s your name?’

Cory shakily looked up at the amber-haired giant staring down at him with gleaming purple eyes and replied, ‘C-Cory.’

‘Your family name?’




There was a long silence.

Cory began to panic, thinking he probably made a mistake blurting out his real name in this fantasy setting he didn’t know much about. What if there was someone important in Areya named Cory Yan who just wasn’t an NPC in the Questasis MMORPG?

Wasn’t he screwed then?

Inexplicably, the hostility in the air evaporated. The scowl on Admiral Gladstone’s face faded away and his eyes turned eager.

‘Are you from the Cyance Republic?’


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