TRT | CIV | Fruit

CIV | Fruit ❦ Today, there’s progressin our relationship! Rowan and Iare sitting under the school’s rowan tree. She’s leaningagainst my shoulder,sleeping. Her sleeping face… I don’t wantto share it with you. I want to keep the memory of itall to myself. Rowan is the onewho taught meto treasurelittle things like this. And it’s one … Read more

TRT | CIII | Minority

CIII | Minority ❦ I finally decide to submita blank vote becausethis is ridiculous. But when I reach the cashierand am about to insert my voting slipinto the donation box, the cashier ladyputs her hand over it. ‘Sorry, sir.‘You can’t vote.’ ‘Hah?’ is the only thing I end up saying. ‘You’re Chinese,‘you’re straight,‘you’re pro-life,‘you’re christian. … Read more

TRT | CII | Who’s Right

CII | Who’s Right ❦ ‘Put your gun away,’the red-haired man snarls. ‘Civilians are not allowed‘to carry guns.’ The uniformed man snortsand jabs the gunbetween the man’s eyes. ‘Don’t play play.‘you’re the civilian here.’ He takes his ID out of his pocket. ‘See! I really is policeman.‘You’re in the way of my work.’ The red-haired … Read more

TRT | CI | Incognito

CI | Incognito ❦ It’s Sunday but I’m not in the moodto go to church. So even thoughMr. Ahmad tries to lick my feetand steps all over my face, I text Rowan that I’m not goingand go back to sleep. When I wake up,the cat’s right next to my head. Fur all puffed out,glassy green … Read more

TRT | C | Abyss

C | Abyss ❦ We’ve stare at the hole in the groundmy friends disappeared into           for a long time. ‘I’ll walk you home,’I tell Rowan. I don’t let go of her hand. Mr. Ahmad climbs onto my shoulder,stays perched there like a bird. You did well,its voice unusually loudin my … Read more

TRT | XCIX | Stalemate

XCIX | Stalemate ❦ While we were gone, the sun had set,the street lamps came on, and the mothshave come out to play. ‘You don’t know‘what love means,‘do you?’ I tell Jerry. He shrugs. Tom gives hima can of Red Bull. ‘I don’t particularly want you‘to tell me what you think. ‘You’re free‘to disagree with‘what … Read more

TRT | XCVIII | Walking

XCVIII | Walking ❦ ‘What’s wrong with Jerry today?’Shuhui asks Tom. I don’t hearTom’s answer. He doesn’t follow Jerry who leads meaway from the stone benches, off the paved roadinto the bushes. There,a hole in the ground— exactly how I imagineda portal to another worldwould look like (instead of a rowan tree). I have to … Read more

TRT | XCVII | Stunned

XCVII | Stunned ❦ The sun setsbefore Tom and Jerry arrive. ‘What’s up with everyone?’ Jerry asks,smiling broadly, hoping we’d follow along.Hoping the mood sticks. It stirs,gets lighter but that’s it. The two of them kick the ballbetween themselves. Their eyes fixedonlyon each other. In the realitythey’ve created, is everything fine so long asthey have … Read more

TRT | XCVI | Milk

XCVI | Milk ❦ I didn’t go to schoolfor the rest of the week. On Sunday, at the bus stopwith her family, Rowan said, ‘You should‘talk to your friends‘tomorrow.’ I asked why. She shruggedand suggested that maybe they needmy help. I told her I’m alreadyan unwanted presencein their lives. Maybe to them, I’m the onewho … Read more

TRT | XCV | Burial

XCV | Burial ❦ Adam makes merun after the ball until I’m out of breath. It’s been a whilesince I’ve playedsoccer so I go all outwith Adam. He’s a good player. Better than– you knowwho I’m talking about,right? I blink sweatout of my eyes and we flop on a park bench with (now warm)isotonic drinksfrom … Read more

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