TRT | IV | Break Up

IV | Break Up ❦ The leavesof the rowan treeare orange again. They’re not flying anymore. The tree isn’t talking, it’s not whispering. The leaves are moving in the wind normally. My fingers close around thin air.She’s pulled her hand away. I’m staring into Rowan’s eyes. She rubsthe back of her wristover her lips, trying … Read more

TRT | III | Utopia

III | Utopia ❦ Apparently, the girl I kissed under the rowan treeis named ‘Rowan’. Apparently, this golden cityis the world after the apocalypse? For some reason,Jesus is king here? (As in the crucified Jesus that Christians believe in.)   Is this some kind of joke? I want to make a religious jokebut the winged … Read more

TRT | II | Golden City​

II | Golden City​ ❦ I rub my eyes and stare at the donkey again. There’s no mistake.It really has wings. And it just spoke to me. The rowan leaves aren’t orange anymore.They’re bright green. The tree’s whispering is clear now. (Musical.) ‘Shall we go?’the donkey says. I feel the funniest sensation ever come over … Read more

TRT | I | Kiss

I | Kiss ❦ Today…is an annoying day.       I just started           junior collegebut there’s extra class until 7pm? We haven’tlearnt anything.It’s a pain.   AlsoI just started           dating this girlbut she’s already texting me every day? I don’t even really like her.What … Read more

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