Chapter 27: That Shapeshifter, Inquiring

Chapter 27: That Shapeshifter, Inquiring ❦ She turned to Nobuyuki. ’Speak,’ she commanded, taking the report she had received from him out of her kimono. She waved it in front of him. ‘Make sure not to contradict yourself.’ Nobuyuki nodded instinctively and began to give a stammering account of the case. The first victim had … Read more

 Chapter 26: That Shapeshifter, Chastised

Chapter 26: That Shapeshifter, Chastised ❦ Since Nagasaki was a shogunal city, two bugyō among the fudai daimyo were appointed to look after its affairs in alternating turns, so that there was always someone responsible for the port city’s affairs when the other travelled to Edo under the sankin kōtai system. As the current bugyō … Read more

Chapter 25: That Shapeshifter, Intimidating

Chapter 25: That Shapeshifter, Intimidating ❦ When she was done, she handed the bloodied kunai to Yoka and ordered for the same to be done to Silenthawk. Yuzuru returned with Reika and Kii just as the leader of assassins let out an agonising, muffled scream. Each of them were carrying a bucket of hot, steaming … Read more

 Chapter 24: That Shapeshifter, Cheated

Chapter 24: That Shapeshifter, Cheated ❦ Master, who said he wasn’t fond of physical fights, jumped up and took the initiative to attack her with his kunai. Yoka countered with her own weapon, her morphed hand reaching out to crush his throat at the same time. He evaded the blow with reflexes an old man … Read more

 Chapter 23: That Shapeshifter, Congenial

Chapter 23: That Shapeshifter, Congenial ❦ Silenthawk led Yoka past the row of barracks, the private courtyard for team leaders and into the darkness gorged out of the mountain. Master lived in a dwelling built into the mountain slope at the back of the mercenary base. The single-storey house was wrapped on three sides by … Read more

 Chapter 22: That Shapeshifter, A Ninja

Chapter 22: That Shapeshifter, A Ninja ❦ Yoka noticed the informants leaving the hall just as the rest of Silenthawk’s team were discussing the failed mission with Whitemoon and his men. The two women and three men entered another wooden building. There were no windows for Yoka to peek inside with. The only shoji window … Read more

 Chapter 21: That Shapeshifter, Stalking

Chapter 21: That Shapeshifter, Stalking ❦ From the vantage point of a golden eagle, the two assassins appeared to be inching along the ground like small worms, fleeing through the city in slow motion. Yoka could see the shapes of similar shadowy figures waiting for the injured mercenaries at the edge of the city. It … Read more

Chapter 20: That Shapeshifter, Faraway

Chapter 20: That Shapeshifter, Faraway ❦ That night, Rin slept in the side room on the maid’s futon. She had scowled when she first put her head on the inn’s unfamiliar pillow, muttering that the assassins wouldn’t notice even if they swapped her matching silk pillow for this one. ‘I won’t be able to sleep … Read more

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