SNR | XCIV | Some Bond

XCIV | Some Bond ❦ Tammie’s chindigs into my ribs. It hurts. She’s watching my face, my expressions. She leans close again, breathing foul vomitonto my face. Despite myself, I wrinkle my nose. My head moves—imperceptible. She notices. An apologetic smile. As if telling me,I’m very real now.   I need to touch Tammie,be 100% … Read more

SNR | XCIII | Someone Else

XCIII | Someone Else ❦ Someone’s replaced my bloodwith lead. I can’t move. My lips partafter a mammoth exertion. ‘Ta…mmie…’ I blink,surprised. My vision is floodedwith light. I squeeze my eyes shutquickly. I don’t want to see herglowinggrey eyes. A hand brushesmy cheek. Nails scrapeacross my skin. I recognise this touch. The stenchof rotting flesh,of … Read more

SNR | XCII | Some Time

XCII | Some Time ❦ I’m remembering all the namesI’ve forgotten, all the facesI’ve forgotten, their screams, their blood, their dead eyes. Not everything. Just enough to know,to be horrified.   All the patients. They didn’t leave. They were killed.   I’m gagging from the smell,from the shock,from the heat. The room’s gotten darker now. … Read more

SNR | XCI | Something Dead

XCI | Something Dead ❦ Where am I?Where am I?Where am I?   Tammie’s head tilts again—suddenly— with a loud creak, to the opposite side. There’s nothingbut pain. I feel every broken bone,every bruise,every bleeding cut. I fall,legs giving way, my lower body absorbing the impactof the wooden floor. It rings in my ears like … Read more

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