SNR | VII | Something To Ask

VII | Something To Ask ❦ My eyes open and suddenlythe smell of vomit intensifies. ‘What have you been doing all night?’I ask her, pinching my noseand sitting up. Sunlightstreams in through the curtainless window with a familiar intensity. It’s Singapore after all. The nursesare sitting where I last saw them. The plain one smiles. … Read more

SNR | VI | Some Night

VI | Some Night ❦ After medicine time, I still hear Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonatarepeating in my mind. The patientshave scattered now, some have gone to eat,others to bathe, two continue to sit in their armchairs staring into space.   With the two nurses trailing behind me,I wander into other rooms that I didn’t get to … Read more

SNR | V | Some Pills

V | Some Pills ❦ There’s no fixed dinner time,   Tammie tells meas we headdownstairs. Through the empty sitting area, I noticethat the ceiling here is much lower than the latticed glass panelsthat almost touch the clouds. The nursessmile from behind me and I decideto tell her about it later. The song‘Moonlight Sonata’ seeps … Read more

SNR | IV | Some Warning

IV | Some Warning ❦ Tammie smiles politelyand hides her hands behind her back,flashing her uneven teeth.   Do I know you?   I shake my head.‘I don’t think we’ve met before.’ Tammie ignores the nurseswhen she approaches me. The strong odourof bile and vomitmakes me choke. I cover my mouth instinctively. She takes a … Read more

SNR | II | Some Doors

II | Some Doors ❦ My eyestake forever to adjust to the darknessagain.   I’m in an empty foyer. There’s nothing here,I think, and then we’re halfway across the room, facing the dooron the other side. The womantaps a card again, another concealed card reader, and the double doors slide open.   It’s the size … Read more

SNR | I | Somewhere

I | Somewhere ❦ What’s your name? ‘Where am I?’ Your name, please. ‘There’re too many lights.’   The nursegives me a funny look. Her scrunchednose makes her looklooks constipated. Tell me your name. ‘You’re angry with me.’ Her eyesmeet mine boldly. They’re like chocolate balls. ‘Why are you‘angry with me?’ Do you not rememberyour … Read more

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