1st Cottage-Core Stuff Pack

I couldn’t get a chapter of [Shapeshifter] out for all of you today, so I hope this makes up for it a little. ><

I’ve been obsessed with farming novels lately. The idea of living in a cute cottage at the countryside, growing vegetables, picking mushrooms and keeping chickens…

I don’t have a plot in mind but it’s definitely going to be a cozy story where nothing much happens. Here’s a collection of stuff that I’d like to put on my desk for the cottage-core vibes if I could.

If you decided to write a cottage-core story, what would it be about?

1. Fabric Leaf Backpack by someone on Etsy (Unavailable)
2. Black Flower Earrings from Herisson Rose

3. Crocheted Baby Mushroom by KrysDollhouse on Etsy
4. Jeonseon Midi Dress + Vest from Yesstyle

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