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I’ve been on hiatus for most of the year, so this day also crept up on me but:

As of 1st October 2023, Novel Conbini is TWO YEARS-OLD! Happy birthday to me~

I guess the best present I can give my little writing haven this year would be to end my excessively long hiatus and get back to writing…so keep reading for what’s coming up!

To be honest, I thought about giving up on Novel Conbini altogether.

The original reason for my hiatus was two trips to Japan (which were really fun), but afterwards, writing became really frustrating for me, so the hiatus just kept going.

Nothing I wrote felt good enough to be posted. I had begun to dread writing to the point of getting migraines every time I thought about it.

But when it came down to actually deleting Novel Conbini, I became reluctant. I don’t want to start over. I don’t want to give up writing. I’d rather post crappy writing here than abandon Novel Conbini now.

I didn’t prepare any videos this year—so please forgive me if this birthday party seems lacklustre to you—however, I have returned with a renewed desire to write, create and share really good novels with you.

It might take some time before weekly chapters resume, but know that I’m back and Novel Conbini is here to stay!

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